Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Stop the Haters and the Trolls!

       Stop the Haters and the Trolls!
   Everyone with half an internet has had the distinct displeasure of running across hater videos, or comments, or endless battles online between you or other people. If not online, you've met some of these people in your own life who are haters, trolls, or bullies. So how do you deal?
IGNORE YOUR BULLY Bullies, trolls, haters...they all need one important thing: you. They need you to engage so that they can continue on with their comments, their bullying, or their hating. Have you ever tried to have a one way conversation? Doesn't work (unless you're crazy). Ignoring them is often the easiest way for them to go away because they can talk on and on, but its not fun if you aren't responding which is what they want.


   Ghanaian rapper, Tiffany, who was in the news sometimes ago over a leaked tape involving her and the father of her son, is not bothered about what people say about her. She is in very hopeful to get a very good man to settle down with.
The rapper explained to TV Host Delay in an interview that she needs a man who will understand the nature of her job and also trust her.

Peter Fabiyi jailed for for masturbating and ejaculating on a stranger on the Subway in London.

Peter Fabiyi was this week jailed for 45 months for masturbating and ejaculating on a stranger on the Subway in London.
Fabiyi(32) was sentenced to 45 months in prison on Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

Find out how many sexual partners you've been indirectly exposed to with online calculator

The Llyods Doctor online calculator will tell you how many sexual partners you've indirectly been exposed to through the 'sexual six degrees of separation'.

Boy (11) shoots girl (8) dead 'because she wouldn't show him her new puppies'

   Maykayla Dyer shot by eleven-year-old neighbour because she wouldn't show him her new puppies (Photo: Dyer family)
Maykayla Dyer shot by eleven-year-old neighbour because she wouldn't show him her new puppies (Photo: Dyer family)
An 11-year-old eastern Tennessee boy was in custody for murder on Monday for shooting and killing an 8-year-old neighbour girl with a shotgun because she would not show him her puppies, authorities said.

Photos Of Africa’s Richest Man, Aliko Dangote’s $30 Million Home

   We came across breathtaking pictures of Aliko Dangote’s home in Abuja, which he is putting up for sale. Dangote who has lived there for twelve years revealed he is selling the property because he has just completed a new piece of real estate in the United Kingdom, where he is switching to after putting ink to paper on a deal to purchase the London based Arsenal Football Club.
More awesome photos below:

Unbelievable: NANS ''honours'' Buruji Kashamu (photo)

   The descent of NANS from the high height of robust activism to the gutter of sycophancy,political jobbery and beggarliness continues as the student body ''honours'' Kashamu.
What else is new?
Our society worships money. It doesn't matter the reputation of the person doling it out.

When students and youths call themselves the "leaders of tomorrow", but prefer not to carve an identity for themselves and take a moral stand against all that has put them in subjugation, this will continue to happen.

The incident of an SUG's phone bill budget in a renown university in the southwest is still fresh on my mind. These are our future leaders!

2015 World Beard and Moustache Championship

   Annual Beard and Moustache World Championships competition went down in Australia last Saturday, October 3.

About 350 contestants from 20 different countries signed up to show off their hairy facial sculptures, in the hopes of being crowned champions.
Contestants in the World Beard and Moustache Championships battled it out in three categories – moustache, partial beard, and full beard – for hirsute supremacy, and the respect of their fellow beard-growers.
Check out some of the whiskered wonders who competed:


Nollywood actress, Dayo Amusa and few of her colleagues, who travelled to Saudi Arabia for her 2015 Hajj in Mecca, have returned to the country.
The actress, while expressing gratitude to God, disclosed that it was good to be home again despite the unfortunate incident that claimed the lives of over 700 pilgrims due to a stampede.

Just Imagine The Bad Thing This Woman Did To Her Husband

Some women are not just possessed by evil spirits, they themselves are pure devil without adulteration.

A middle aged woman in Oru, Imo State, Mrs. Ndidi Edozie, has left her own husband, Mr. Ebony, in great pain after she allegedly cut off his manhood, ripping open his scrotum with one of the testes badly damaged. All these was said to have happened during a domestic dispute. 


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